Introducing the new Crocus Medical

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Introducing the new Crocus Medical

If you haven’t noticed, our look has changed. We are thrilled to introduce the new Crocus Medical.

New Horizons

Our modern new look is part of our rebranding process. You’ll still see parts of our history in our logo and colors, but as we look towards expanding our international operations, it was time to update our look and embrace a new, innovative style.  

Making things clearer

As part of the process, we’ve also refined our mission and our vision, making these clearer and focussing on living our brand through not only the new look, but the way we conduct our business, and in our communications.

Staying the same

With all this change, one thing stays the same.  We are still Crocus Medical, and our team hasn’t changed.  We are still committed to our core belief that drug discovery brings hope and relief to millions of patients globally and that we maintain a high level of ethics in trials.

Crocus makes the search for the right-fit CRO easy.

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Crocus Medical

Crocus is the new frontier of clinical research, offering multi-service CRO capabilities with the philosophy to keep medical research innovative, yet simple.

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