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Our Leadership Team

We are consciously innovating the medical research industry.

Our leadership team provides unrivalled expertise and insight, with patient-focused clinical trials that change lives.

Meet the people who will exceed your expectations.



Els van der Linden

CEO and Founder

Els van der Linden is the founding director of Crocus Medical. Prior to Crocus Medical, Els spent over 10 years as Director and co-owner of the Medical Information and Research Assistance Institute (MIRAI) which was later acquired by Parexel, USA. Els then spent several years as Director of Benelux, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe operations before founding Crocus Medical in 2004.

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Alexey Butylin, MD, PhD

Managing Director

Alexey Butylin is responsible for business development, building relationships with key opinion leaders and driving Crocus’ strategy.  He is passionate about “destroying borders” between European and Russian sites, to enable more effective research.

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Cornelis (Kees) Kluft


Kees Kluft has valuable and extensive research and project experience in haemostasis and inflammation. This is currently done with Crocus’ partner GBS, a laboratory (Research CRO /SME, GCLP) for performance of biomarker analysis and development of new assays and algorithms.

Kees is also the president of the International Society for Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis (ISFP), The Netherlands.

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Dmitrii Tretiak

Clinical Research Manager

Dmitrii Tretiak is a driven clinical research manager with a passion for managing clinical research – Dimitri believes that planning is key to getting research done effectively.

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Aleksandra Hohlova

Educational Project Manager

Aleksandra Hohlova is a visionary teacher, responsible for delivering thought-provoking training sessions and seminars for doctors, investigators, and medical representatives at Crocus Medical.

Aleksandra enjoys the challenge of finding new innovative approaches to running better clinical trials. Creatively matching people’s needs to the best available methodology – and helping people develop the right skills needed to run clinical trials.

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